Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Seriously, Stanley Renshon? 

Apparently, Stanley Renshon thinks it's more important to avoid controversy than confront the president about his - to repurpose Renshon's words - "egregiouly harsh, partisan, and tasteless" wars.
Political Psychology: Being Rude to the President and his Wife is no Joke Instead, the Bush material was egregiously harsh, partisan, and tasteless.

How dare someone take stabs at the disaster that is this president's leadership! How dare someone call the press out for being wimps, and beyond that, too cowardly to laugh at jokes about the president in front on him!

The only thing more pathetic than Stenley Renshon's analysis of this event is Powerline Blog's coverage of Renshon's analysis. How devoted to truthiness can these people be?

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