Friday, May 07, 2004

Boot Bush from the board 

Bill Mease nails it in his letter to the editor.

Letters from readers: "Boot Bush from the board
What company would keep this CEO? He has underestimated the competition. The balance sheet has deteriorated dramatically. There is no indication where costs will be cut and no enthusiasm for doing so. His grandest initiative has proven to be at the minimum ill-informed, without sufficient resources and having no discernible long-term thinking. Budget estimates for his grand initiative have been off by roughly 40 percent.
No one on his team is punished for outing an undercover agent working for the company itself, and he seems uninterested in the search. He has demonstrated an inability to learn from experience and to be incapable of the admission of error. No one on his team is fired for poor performance, only disagreement.
Potential partners no longer look to the company for leadership. Moral and political capital is at an all-time low.
On that basis, should we keep him?
Bill Mease, Minneapolis."

David D. Smith of Sinclair Broadcast Group - Patriot? NO. 

David D. Smith of Sinclair Broadcast Group wreaks of partisanship when he SPEAKS ON BEHALF OF OUR FALLEN SOLDIERS to justify his corporation's decision to not honor Americans who've paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Patriot? NO.

David D. Smith (From open letter to John McCain):

"Let me begin by saying that no organization more fully supports our military than Sinclair. In no way was our decision intended to show any disrespect to the brave members of our military, particularly those who have sacrificed their lives in service of our country. To the contrary, our decision was based on a desire to stop the misuse of their sacrifice to support an anti-war position with which most, if not all, of these soldiers would not have agreed."

Can't the Republicans Find a Consistent Liar? 

When the right-wing can only find someone with as little credibility as Dick Morris to write a Hillary Clinton smear book, we may finally be seeing the deterioration of Clinton bashing. Or, basically everyone in America except Dick Morris has more important things to worry about right now.

Dick Morris triangulates Dick Morris:
"Rewriting History is number 6 on Amazon.com's 'Bestsellers' list as of the afternoon of May 4.

The book's title is dead-on -- clear, straightforward, and an accurate reflection of what is to come; but from there, things go downhill in a hurry. A Media Matters for America review finds that, over the course of his 265 pages, Morris contradicts himself, makes factually inaccurate claims, and occasionally seems to make up stories out of whole cloth."

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