Thursday, March 09, 2006

People who have abortions are losers. Just as a Seth Yantiss. 

Looks like I stirred the turd over at SayAnyThingBlog.com a bit. Seth Yantiss, who apparently is one of the site's resident dittoheads, is taking talking points from the Scarlet Letter in his stance against abortion. Wouldn't addressing the common reasons women have abortions (lack of health care, stable income, housing) be a better approach to preventing abortions than castigating women?

Do you get the impression that Yantiss would be the kind of guy who'd use any and all connections to try to get out of a speeding ticket, yet thinks other people need to take resonsibility for their actions . . . or else?

Say Anything: Parental Notification Law Causes Teen Abortion Rates To Drop In Texas - North Dakota's Most Popular Political Blog
Seth Yantiss: Though it may sound mean, we should prop these people up as the losers they are and show all of our children the reasons NOT TO DO WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. These people would only server as an example to others on how not to live. The majority would get it faster, seeing the real world example of where being stupid gets you, and within a generation, fewer people would mimic the poor behavior. By coddling and apologizing for f-ups we tell the next generation that "it's okay to screw up... someone will cover for you... don't worry about it."

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