Friday, February 24, 2006

Bush: Tough on Terrorism When the Price is Right 

How strange to see the Bush Administration try to dismiss valid security concerns considering that they're the ones who scared the crap out of in the first place.

Terror fears, stoked by Bush, now bite him - Yahoo! News
For almost five years
President George W. Bush has warned Americans to fear terrorism, but now those words may come back to bite him.

The president, who has cast himself as America's protector against terrorism and Islamic militancy, has been thrown on the defensive by a bipartisan revolt over his administration's approval of a state-owned company from the United Arab Emirates assuming operation of six major U.S. seaports.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Michelle Bachman's Inconsistent use of the Federal Government 

Bachman wants to turn abortion decisions over to the states, but thinks marriage needs to be defined at the federal level. Doesn't Bachman understand that a true conservative would stay the heck out of both issues? How can Bachman honestly believe that she knows what's best for every single American on these personal issues?

Apparently, she disagrees with the Bush Administration on education policy. Bush has increased the federal government's role in education through unfunded mandates. Bachman seems to prefer non-funded non-mandates, although I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't want some federally mandated anti-science in the classroom.

Sixth District candidate profiles
Bachmann supports constitutional amendments to balance the federal budget, to define marriage, and to leave abortion law up to the states. To save money, she would abolish the federal Education Department.

Open Letter to Vice President Dick Cheney 

Dear Vice Presidnet Cheney,

We think it's pretty funny that you can't tell the difference between farm raised defenseless birds and your longtime friend, Whittington.

We'll keep quiet about what really happened on your hunting trip if you promise to only hunt wild animals in the future.


Farm Raised Quails of America

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