Thursday, February 10, 2005

Statement of tpt on Postcards from Buster episode "Sugartime!" 

Does this statement sound threatening to you?:

Statement of tpt on Postcards from Buster episode "Sugartime!": "A core part of tpt 's mission is to provide trustworthy educational programming for children - a responsibility we take very seriously. We also believe parents should play an active role in structuring their children's use of television, so that TV becomes a positive influence on their lives."

How about this one:
"After reviewing the episode, we believe it is consistent with our mission and appropriate to broadcast. At the same time, we respect the right of parents to make viewing choices for their own families and we encourage them to do so - even when that means turning off a particular show on our station."

Apparently, Colleen from Catholic Parents would say yes, because her response was, ". . . they are blatantly pushing a homosexual agenda which is clearly against natural law and offensive to families. They will continue working to desensitize our children - because as we all know they can't reproduce so they must recruit!"

Personally, I find it most interesting that she wasn't equally irate about other 'controversial' epidoses of the children's show that included topics:

TPT: "Different episodes have profiled children from many ethnic backgrounds, including Norwegians in North Dakota, a Hmong family in Wisconsin, and a Cuban Greek American girl in Miami. Buster has met children living in a variety of family structures including traditional two-parent households, children splitting time between divorced parents, children living with grandparents, and children living with single parents. The series also explores the role of religion in kids' lives including Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Baptists and Evangelical Christians."

Divorced parents? Single parents? Norwegians? Where's the outrage, Colleen?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Matt C. Abbot - Pro-War Catholic 

Isn't it strange how many people consider themselves pro-life, while also being pro-war?

Here's a quote from Matt C. Abbott, a 'columnist' for something called Renew America, which appears to be a group using the Founding Fathers to justify their pro-Alan Keyes positions.

In what is made to look like a news story, Mr. Abbott editorializes about two peace loving nuns:

On the surface, it looks fine. But these nuns are notoriously left-wing, believing, among other things, that legalized abortion is "crucial," though they are supposedly "troubled" by abortion itself.

Apparently, the nuns are somehow evil people for believing, as most Americans and The Law of The Land do, that abortions should be legal, but rare.

That might make a person believe Matt C. Abbot is a peaceful person, who holds like in high regard. Well, that just doesn't jive with his mocking of the nun's respect for life beyond the womb:

"Oh, yes, lest I forget, I should mention the good sisters are very much against war. Imagine that!"

Interestingly, the number of abortions in the United States has increased during George W. Bush's presidency, which is something Mr. Abbot and the nuns he mocks and scolds would both likely agree is a failure by this administration. This is largely due to the higher levels of unemployment and lower levels of health insured, both of which correlate with the number of abortions done.

If Mr. Abbot spent less time acting like a war monger, and more time lobbying for more peaceful solutions to our country's diplomatic issues, more of our country's resources could insure and employ women he wants to control.

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