Friday, April 21, 2006

Quote of the Day 

Quote of the Day
In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
Thomas Jefferson

Paul Mirengoff Fails to Grasp Reality Again. This time with Iran 

Powerline Blog's Paul Mirengoff mails in a more maginal than usual post with the help of his cousin today that doesn't manage to get across even a basic understanding of the known threat Iran poses. Mirengoff's cousin quickly jumps from Friedman's analysis of the boondoggle that will be Iran assuming Bush gets his way, to Al Queda, as if they're one in the same. I haven't watched FOX News in a while, so I'm a little out of touch with the ties the right-wing is making in order to drum up support for another collossally unprovoked war.

Mirengoff either failed to correct his cousin, or simply chose to ignore the government's own estimates that show Iran is NO WHERE NEAR completion of a nuclear warhead since they don't even have all the raw materials needed to make one. Because of this, it's perfectly reasonable to wait until a more competent adminstration capable of both diplomatic and potentially military options can be effectively conducted. Until then, I'd prefer Bush focus on things that won't get so many people around the world killed.

And figure out a way to provide healthcare for children.

And raise the minimum wage for people over 18.

And do something about New Orleans like he promised to.

And find Bin Laden.

And invest in alternative energy sources. For real this time.

Progressive Businesses in Lexington Slap Down Bigoted Governor Fletcher 

The business journal for Lexington, KY wrote a great editorial ripping the KY governor, Gov. Ernie Fletcher, for his gay bashing policies. I wonder if our Minnesota's businesses will speak out against Michele Bachmann's hatred?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why Not Everybody? -- Thomas Sowell -- GOPUSA 

Hey Thomas Sowell, why not stop beating up on people who are trying to make a better life for themselves, and take on the corporations who are illegally hiring the workers? Wouldn't it be easier to enforce our country's labor laws, thus drying up the demand for illegal labor?
Why Not Everybody? -- Thomas Sowell -- GOPUSA: "One of the ways of trying to justify illegal immigration from an economic standpoint is to point out that the work done by these immigrants is adding to the total output of the United States.

We have all heard about the 'undocumented workers' who grow our tomatoes, harvest our strawberries, clean our hotels, take care of our children, mow our lawns and do innumerable other things. All of this of course adds to the nation's total output."

Who's profiting from illegal immigration, Mr. Sowell?

Bobby Eberle's Christian Faith Threatened by Changing Calendar 

Hey Bobby Eberle, who's HURT by this?
So... Is it 2006 A.D. or 2006 C.E.?: "In yet another measure to remove Christian references from society, not even the calendar year designation is safe. Whether you view it as political correctness run amok or part of the ongoing purge of all things Christian, some organizations including the Kentucky Board of Education are beginning to replace A.D. (anno Domini) with C.E. (common era). Even though the beginning of the historical dating system is the birth of Christ, I guess some feel that using C.E. will help neutralize that fact. What will people think of next???"

Looks like Eberle's on the wrong side of history on this non-issue:

According to Wikipedia, the term “common era” is growing in usage. The fact that the Western calendar is being used more as a global standard is cited by Wikipedia as a reason that dates “should be religiously and culturally neutral out of consideration for those cultures compelled to use it out of necessity.”
Eberle fails to realize that America is a country founded on religious freedom:

Once again, it seems to me that people are either overtly trying to purge Christian references from society or they are being driven by fear of offending some group even if the offense does not exist.
Eberle is forced to use an exception to the rule to support his case:

How many times have leaders of American Indian tribes stepped forward and said that usage of their names on sports teams does not offend them, and yet the “Sensitivity Police” still file lawsuits demanding the names be changed.

Reality can be found here.

Followed by some whining about how the majority in this country is being persecuted by those who don't share the same religious beliefs:

In fact, the only group whose concerns seem to go unnoticed are the vast majority of people who are not offended by the historical dating system and only take offense when another attempt is made to remove a Christian reference.

Eberly takes the following parting shot:

Perhaps these groups should spend less time offending Christians and more time on issues that are important.

Perhaps Christians who have time to worry about such assinine issues should spend more time living the WWJD mantra. Do you think Jesus would get in a Eberle-like hissy fit over how years are named and counted?

Would your faith somehow become less strong if you lived under a different calendar? Or no calendar at all?

Hopefully, your faith isn't as easily shaken as Bobby Eberle's.

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