Friday, April 14, 2006

Mardi Gras Update on Hurricane Katrina 

Katrina Damage from Hurricane Katrina
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Here's a photo takes by lolowar during Mardi Gras showing another example of the slow response by the Bush Administration and the GOP controlled House and Senate to deal with the aftermath.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mission Creep at the Taxpayers League 

Some quick calculating by Britt Robson at the City Pages puts the cost of the Iraq debacle at $2 billion/year plus interest for just Minnesota.

City Pages - The Blotter - Mission Creep at the Taxpayers League: "The next time you hear the Taxpayers League bitching about the $200 million per year being collected in cigarette taxes, remember that it represents just one-tenth of the revenue that will be required to pay the piper for our part in the war effort the league apparently endorses."

I'd rather see that $2 billion go to something less wasteful, like new stadiums for the Twins, Vikings, Gophers, and whoever else wants one. Still wasteful, but less death and destruction.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life in Pre-9/11 America 

Ever notice how often the GOP justifies things by saying, "we're not living in a pre-9/11 world" anymore? Well, let's take a quick look back at the party that was 1999 to see what it looked like in the Oval Office:
Published: January 22, 1999

President Clinton said today that it is ''highly likely'' that a terrorist group will launch or threaten a germ or chemical attack on American soil within the next few years.

In an interview in the Oval Office late in the day, Mr. Clinton said he had been persuaded by intelligence reports that the United States needs to bolster its defenses.

Interesting, the president was concerned about terrorist attacks BEFORE 9/11? Let's go on:

Elaborating on some of the initiatives he intends to unveil on Friday, Mr. Clinton said he is weighing a proposal from the Defense Department to establish a commander in chief for the defense of the continental United States, a step that civil liberties groups strongly resist.

Sounds a lot like the Department of Homeland Security to me. Interesting. Did you think Bush really came up with that concept? What was the GOP working on at this time:

The President gave the interview as his lawyers ended their defense presentation at his impeachment trial in the Senate.

Can you imagine the following sentence being written about our current creationist shallow thinking president:

Despite the political pressures, Mr. Clinton appeared relaxed and deeply engaged in the complex scientific and policy issues raised by what the White House has called 21st-century threats.

I wonder if he ever thought about an anthrax attack:

Among other new considerations, Mr. Clinton said he was weighing a proposal to give anthrax vaccinations to police, fire, public health and other emergency officials in cities throughout the country.

Has Bush gotten to the bottom of the Anthrax attacks yet? The letters were sent from within the United States something like four years ago, but no one has every been charged.

Is it possible to prevent terrorism without preemptive attacks? It was in 1999:

He also vowed to forge ahead despite Congressional criticism with cooperative programs with Russia aimed at providing jobs to 8,000 former weapons scientists who might otherwise be tempted to work with rogue states or terrorist groups.

I wonder if Clinton ever worried about Osama bin Laden:

He noted that Osama bin Laden, a Saudi fugitive who is accused of masterminding the United States Embassy bombings in Africa in August, has ''made an effort to get chemical weapons'' and ''may have'' tried to get germ weapons. ''We don't know that they have them,'' Mr. Clinton said.

Ah, 1999, when vigilance in the Oval Office was considered part of the job. Good times.

Time For Cynthia McKinney To Go Home -- Star Parker -- GOPUSA 

Hey Star Parker,

If you're going to use numbers in your columns, make sure they're accurate. Your case went to crap when you tried to paint the Democrats with the low approval brush brought on by the GOP:

Time For Cynthia McKinney To Go Home -- Star Parker -- GOPUSA: "The latest polling done by Fox News shows that a 36 percent approval rating for President Bush actually looks good compared to the 29 that both Democrat and Republican members of Congress get."

Here's something to think about before you try to mislead your readers again:

Poll: Bush Ratings Hit New Low - CBS News: "Republicans receive more criticism than Democrats when it comes to their ethics. Although a majority of Americans think members of both parties share the honesty and integrity of most people, 37 percent think the Republicans in Congress are less likely to have those qualities, compared to 28 percent who say that about the Democrats. "

Notice the difference? I wonder why that didn't make it into your article?

Powell: U.S. mistakes hurting Iraq now -- GOPUSA 

Hey Colin Powell. The mistakes were made before the invasion. It's called planning. How many times did you say to Rumsfeld or Bush when given a chance, "And then what?"

Powell: U.S. mistakes hurting Iraq now -- GOPUSA: "'We made some serious mistakes in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Baghdad,' Powell told the National School Board Association's annual conference in Chicago. 'We didn't have enough troops on the ground. We didn't impose our will. And as a result, an insurgency got started, and ... it got out of control.'"

It's a matter of leadership.

Encouraging Illegal Behavior for Corporate Benefit 

Hey Bobby Eberle, why not go after the corporations who are hiring the illegal immigrants. If the demand for illegal labor was quashed, what would be the incentive to immigrate illegally?

The Loft » Blog Archive » Encouraging Illegal Behavior for the Mighty Vote: "As rallies popped up across the country yesterday to protest efforts by Congress to secure the borders, enforce existing immigration laws, and deal with the illegal aliens already in the country, the Democrats revealed in unmistakable clarity their true motives. This debate isn’t about fairness or compassion or any of the other buzz words they like to use. It’s about votes, and in their zeal to tap into the illegal alien voting bloc, they are not only condoning illegal activity, they are encouraging it."

Isn't your guy in the White House proposing an amnesty program? How does that not encourage illegal immigration?

Why is your party so addicted to illegal labor?

Is it because they don't have to offer insurance?

Don't have to worry about OSHA complaints from illegal workers?

Can pay them (or not) whatever they want?

It's not like they're going to complain, right?

Bush: Iran report is 'wild speculation' -- GOPUSA 


Who should we believe?

The reporting of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with connections within the Pentagon, or a president who lied us into a war?

Bush: Iran report is 'wild speculation' -- GOPUSA: "U.S. President George Bush says allegations that he planned to use force to halt Iran's nuclear program are 'wild speculation.'"

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