Wednesday, November 23, 2005

St. Paul teachers who plug in told to pay up 

I don't think Dilbert's had to deal with anything like this yet:
St. Paul teachers who plug in told to pay up: "In an effort to cut soaring energy costs, the St. Paul School District is asking employees who have their own 'personal appliances' to get rid of them. Or, if they must keep them, to pony up $25 per appliance per year.

The 'personal appliance fee' idea came down in a memo to all staff members from interim Superintendent Lou Kanavati. To perhaps no one's surprise, teachers aren't exactly thrilled.

'I'm not going to pay the fee,' said Kimberly Colbert, an English teacher at Central High School who has a small refrigerator in her room. In addition, the English teachers share a microwave."

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