Monday, May 02, 2005

Father Dease: Coulter talk tests controversial issues statement 

Thank you, Father Dennis Dease, for clearly differentiating between a controvesial opinion that encourages debate of the issues of the day, and the hateful vile Ann Coulter spews.

Father Dease: Coulter talk tests controversial issues statement: "Perspectives differ, and as I stated earlier, to a certain extent we must leave the answer “to the eye of the beholder.” But the reports I have heard from people whose views I respect suggest that her performance went far beyond the bounds of what is commonly accepted as civil discourse. Although her presentation may have been meant as an “act” or “shtick” to entertain by provoking those who disagree, such behavior unfortunately contributes to the growing dark side of our culture — a disrespect for persons and their sincerely held beliefs. Such hateful speech vulgarizes our culture and goes against everything the University of St. Thomas stands for."

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