Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I was listening to Hugh Hewitt tonight on The Patriot AM 1280 in Minneapolis when Hugh was attempting to break down the Howard Dean interview on Chris Matthews. I turned in late, but apparently Hugh was attempting to make some point about Howard Dean not being a veteran and trying to use this against the doctor/Governor. Hugh seemed to be trying to make a point that Dean is not qualified to discuss international affairs because he isn't a veteran.

Somehow a caller managed to make it past the screeners and pointed out that our current president, George W. Bush, managed to avoide the Vietnam War due to some influence by his father, and apparently decided not to show up for a good portion of his Texas Air National Guard duty.

At this point, the bumper music started and Hugh Hewitt went to commercial as he told his caller he'd follow up with him after the break. So I stayed with Hugh through the commerical to find out how he'd address this clearly hypocritical behavior by his liar in chief. What did Hugh return to? Unbelivably, he simply dropped the caller and moved on to another subject.

What a convervative coward! This is becoming a typical response from the right. If you are not on the right side of an argument, simply shut out the opposing views.

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